Why can the conservative elite tell us "No" when we say "We want Howard!"?


Howard Stern announced on June 29, 2004, that he will be returning to San Diego. His show start will be airing on 103.7, starting July 19, 2004. Howard's show will be on 9 more stations- 4 in regions where Clear Channel dumped him, and 5 new markets. All the new stations are owned by Infinity Broadcasting, Stern's home company. Say "Goodbye" to Woody & Wilcox- Howard is back!. More info at the Union Tribune.


This is a webpage I originally created back in May 2001. San Diego did not have the Howard Stern Radio Show on Saturday night TV. It was something Howard created in homage to his Channel 9 show. I fumed as people throughout the the United States got to watch this show, while in San Diego, which was the 6th largest city in our country, we did not have the opportunity. We suffered through more mediocre Saturday Night Live episodes. While we were not sucessful in bringing Howard to TV here, I found there were a lot of San Diego Stern Fans. My original page is located here.

I let this page go when Howard's Saturday night TV show was cancelled. I found a cached copy of it from the Internet Archive. I've been a devoted Howard Stern listener since a former girlfriend introduced me to the show in 1996. I think Howard reached his peak of broadcasting with his 9/11 show. He then went too far right wing for me. He trumpted the Bush administration's lies that Iraq was part of the war on terror (which Rep. Henry Waxman has proved were indeed gross mistatements) I stopped listening altogether.

Then Janet Jackson had her now famous Wardrobe Malfunction. Here's my $.02 on that: I have lived in France and Spain, and although nudity is on all public nudity, I believe they have a much more healthier view on sexuality. I think seeing breasts on TV is so much better than blood and killing on the evening news, or the Terminator blasting victims apart on "TV-Friendly" versions of R-Rated violent movies. Why is sexuality more vile and evil than graphic killings with blood?

Howard then questioned his support for the Bush administration on air, and after reading the book by Al Franken- Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them, Howard admited he was an "Anyone but Bush" supporter. Several days later, Clear Channel, a massive monopoly that has already ruined American radio, decided Howard was too indent for the radio. Clear Channel is a massive supporter of the Republican Party, and George W. Bush.

Suddenly, I missed Howard. I read up about the show online, from KOAM.com, and later HowardStern.com. I found out that Howard believes that he is a victim in a value war. I believe him, as I have personal experience with "Born Agains," that I believe have a "bring on Armageddon" wish- that scares me. The world is not going to end soon, nor can we bring it upon ourselves. We should respect the world, and everyone on it.

Howard started openly talking about conspiracies that I had long suspected. He provided highly credible evidence that he was a victim of religious nuts. Religion is good, but should not be used to control masses of people, and should never preach death or the end of the world.

I read about these conspiracies from Howard's website, which is updated daily in his fight to publicize these attacks on our freedom. I want to do something, to bring Howard back to the airwaves in San Diego. If you're interested in helping out, please contact me. Protests, letters, phone calls, etc- let's make ourselves heard!

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Last update: March 24, 2004
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